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Comprehensive Roofing Services in Bogart

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Metal Roofing

Are you curious about the benefits of a metal roof? Not only do metal rooftops offer improved durability compared to traditional shingles, but these roofs also last longer and require less extensive upkeep throughout their lifetime.


Many homeowners love shingled rooftops for their versatility and aesthetic appeal. Builders achieve many unique, beautiful exterior looks using different shingle materials and designs.


With the proper upkeep, shingled roofs last a long time. Fortunately, our Milledge Roofing Company team can help to keep your shingled roof functional and looking brand new.


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About Shingle Roofing

The decking of your home refers to the sheets of plywood attached to your homes support beams. This decking is what your roofing system will be installed onto.

​The first layer of a roof that is installed, the underlayment is the layer that your roofing materials are attached to that also serves as a barrier against moisture.

Composition shingles are fiberglass sheets that are covered in durable tar and then covered again in fine asphalt gravel to keep your home repel rain, wind, debris, and hail.

These are special sections of raised shingles that allow your home’s roof to “breathe” while keeping water and other things out.

Flashing is a thin piece of metal used to seal various places in the roof to provide extra protection to places where penetration by water could occur.

​Another metal component of your roof, the drip edge is designed to help rain run off of your home and away from your siding.