Amid the hustle and bustle of busy Atlanta, it can be easy to forget Georgia’s abundance of nature. However, there are plenty of locations throughout the state where you can enjoy some peace while surrounded by beautiful scenery. One such place is the Bear Hollow Wildlife Trail in Athens. Watkinsville, GA can be seen here.

The trailhead begins at the Bear Hollow Zoo, where you can see several native Georgia animals, such as bobcats, red-tailed hawks, and Eastern box turtles. The zoo is free to the public, and picnic tables and pavilions are available if you want to take a break before tackling the trail. Once on the trail, you’ll be treated to a peaceful walk through the woods. The trail is mostly shaded, so it’s a great choice on a hot summer day. Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife as you walk; you might see deer, rabbits, or even the occasional fox. The trail ends at the Heritage Park Trailhead, where you can return to your car or continue exploring the park. Heritage Park has playgrounds, a basketball court, and a disc golf course, so plenty keeps you busy. The Bear Hollow Wildlife Trail is a great option if you’re looking for a quick nature fix. Its proximity to Athens makes it easy to get to, and its flat terrain makes it perfect for a stroll. So next time you’re in town, check it out! Click here to read about The Natural Assets of The State Botanical Garden of Georgia in Georgia, The USA.